• EducationChannel

    Education Channel

    LakeCAM’s education channel is host to the Freetown-Lakeville Regional School meetings, school sports, and events. LakeCAM produces educational programs like [...]
  • Winterfest 2015

    Winterfest 2015

    Lakeville’s inaugural Winterfest was a great success! LakeCAM was there to capture “What’s Cooking in Lakeville LIVE!,” “Miss Teresa’s [...]
  • PublicChanel

    Public Channel

    On your Public Channel, LakeCAM covers events at the Lakeville Senior Center, fairs and festivals, as well producing original programming with Lakeville residents, such as [...]
  • LakeCAM was established in 2012 to provide high quality local programming for the residents of Lakeville, Massachusetts, including municipal meeting coverage, community and school events, and other non-commercial programs of local interest and importance. -