Underwrite Programs


Why Underwriting:

LakeCAM is primarily funded by small percentage of the local cable provider subscription fee. However, with additional funding, we can provide more equipment, training and support for programs produced by Lakeville residents and businesses. Businesses and clubs in and around Lakeville can make a contribution to LakeCAM and, in turn, be recognized by the community. By underwriting LakeCAM programming you are creating bonds between you and your neighbors and customers. This opportunity will help establish a positive image for your business, generate goodwill, and earn trust within our community. Becoming an underwriter is the best way to gain repeated exposure and build brand recognition. (click here to download the application)

Benefits of Underwriting:

• Exposure t multiple communities of current and potential customers.
• Tax deduction for donating to a 501(c)3 non-prot organization.
• Provide support to your local TV Station and community service.

* Speak with your C.P.A. or tax specialist for more details on tax deductibility of your donation .

Help support your local TV station and grow your customer base two ways:

Bulletin Board Messages:

Bulletin boards are 10 seconds in length and includes company name, address, telephone, and website information. Bulletins can be custom designed to include photos, company logo, and eye catching graphics. *Daily Rotation of Bulletin Boards average 25-40 times

1 Month $25.00 Donation
3 Months $50.00 Donation
1 Year $150.00 Donation


Professionally produced videos are 15 to 30 seconds in length. Your video will be upload to Vimeo and YouTube for additional exposure and can be either Public Service Announcement style or produced professionally at your business location. PSA’s can include photographs and business graphics.

Level 1: PSA

1 Month $100.00 Donation
3 Months $200.00 Donation
1 Year $750.00 Donation

Level 2: On Site Video

1 Year $1,000.00 Donation